How To Avoid Varicose Veins Using The Compression Socks

People who have sedentary jobs and people who travel long distances in the economy class generally need to be careful about the blood accumulating in the lower part of the legs.

The veins that carry the blood back to the heart become dilated and are unable to carry the blood back to heart.

This causes the accumulation of blood and sometimes it can be very life threatening too. In fact it is also known as economy class syndrome and was named so after a female died mid air because of the deep vein thrombosis.

Compression socks should be worn by people who travel long distances. That said there are standard and custom made compression socks available for your purchase. These apply the pressure at the ankles thereby pushing the blood to flow back to heart. These are called as the graduated socks as the pressure that is applied is gradually reduced and the maximum pressure is applied at the lower part of the leg near the ankle.

There are wide varieties of the socks that are present in the market.

Some are only of the knee length and some are designed to apply pressure even above the knee. Custom socks are those with specific needs and more serious issues. These custom compression socks use the doctor’s recommendation for pressure adjustment and the size is also manufactured based on your individual needs.

Before buying make sure that you check the amount of pressure that will be applied at each area. Then after advice from the doctor you will need to decide if you need to go for the standard or custom socks. There are separate.

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